A Journey Through Stage IV Cancer: 

Dancing Skeleton: A Journey Through Stage IV Cancer: Memoir, surviving cancer, life changes, health issues, a woman’s struggle with disease, connections with other cancer survivors, cancer research, cancer treatments, stage IV cancer, Relay for Life, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, City of Hope, meeting challenges, life transformations, helping others, nutrition, hope.

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    Jan 26, 2015

    Raw organic produce in all the colors reduce free radical damage in our bodies. Juice Plus is the only product I know that can supply all the produce my body requires every single day. I feel good to know that on any given day if I dont eat what I should Juice Plus+ can supplement what I should be e...

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    Dec 30, 2014

    The T-cells in your body are critical. They are immune
    system cells that help destroy infected cells. B-cells are best
    known for making antibodies.
    According to a credible online source, “Most immune
    system cells are white blood cells, of which there are many
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  • Medical Cannibis

    Dec 10, 2014



     Where chemo hits the body the reaction from your body is that it's poison and it must get rid of it, anyway possible. The vomiting begins and sometimes it doesn't stop. In my case I hardly had time to breath between vomiting episodes. "Next to my bed was this apparatus, an acrylic bubble b...

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Joanna Giangardella

About the Author

Twice in her life, Joanna Giangardella beat the odds. In her previous book, Girl from the Tower, she recounts how she was born on the Greek island of Pergos and was separated from her family at the age of ten through a UNICEF adoption program. Finding herself in a dysfunctional family in America where she was not allowed to embrace her coming of age years in a normal fashion or even speak her own language, she had to rely on her own internal strength to rediscover herself and her birth family. Later in life, as the hard-working owner of a hair salon, Joanna discovered she had Stage IV Cancer. Her road to recovery meant battling medical misdiagnoses and dealing with her own worst fears. Now an artist and a nutritional consultant, Joanna actively supports cancer research and nurtures others cursed with a similar diagnosis.


Joanna Giangardella is the author of Dancing Skeleton: A Journey Through Stage IV Cancer as well as The Girl From the Tower: A Journey of Lies.