• Joanna Giangardella

    Caught in the turmoil of the Greek Civil War, 10 year old Joanna Sonya Giangardella was placed into a special United Nations-sponsored adoption program supported by Queen Frederica. For Joanna, as a child living in relative poverty on the Greek island of Pergos, it seemed to be a dream come true. However, her life would soon become much different than she ever imagined...
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This true story of a young girl’s journey gives a poignant perspective of international adoptions, the collision of cultures, and the well-intentioned but flawed American intervention following the Greek Civil War. The strong bond between mother and daughter and how that love overcomes distance, time, and hardship is an inspiration to all who read “The Girl from the Tower.”

- MaryAnn Easley, Author

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Unbearable pain


          On a day like any other; I woke to the stinging noise of my obnoxious alarm. Always in the same way at the pretty much the same time.  My most important task is getting down stairs and turning on the coffee pot. This day was different; the moment my feet landed on the floor I felt a pain emanating from my back. It was a dull uncomfortable feeling. (more…)

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