A Journey Through Stage IV Cancer: 

Dancing Skeleton: A Journey Through Stage IV Cancer: Memoir, surviving cancer, life changes, health issues, a woman’s struggle with disease, connections with other cancer survivors, cancer research, cancer treatments, stage IV cancer, Relay for Life, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, City of Hope, meeting challenges, life transformations, helping others, nutrition, hope.

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  • Adoption coruption

    May 19, 2015


    There were three thousand children adopted from Greece during 1955-1957 period and are now middle aged or older. Many were sold, and governments falsified documents so that there was no way to trace their journeys. Those who were babies recall little about the separation from their birth familie...

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  • Juice PLus recommendation

    May 05, 2015





    Why do I take and recommend Juice Plus+ capsules

    Orchard, Garden and Vineyard Blend?


    Because fresh, colorful produce: vegetables, berries and fruit,

    are the missing link to improved health and the prevention of disease.

    Juice Plus+ is a concentrated powder made from 30 diffe...

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  • Dont let cancer take your life

    Apr 10, 2015

    Don't let cancer take your life. Chemo therapy is necessary but we all have to do our homework, our own research.

    Most doctors have limited resource beyond traditional treatment. We cancer survivors who have beat stage IV cancer

    tell our story so others can learn from our journey, our experience. ...

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Joanna Giangardella

About the Author

Twice in her life, Joanna Giangardella beat the odds. In her previous book, Girl from the Tower, she recounts how she was born on the Greek island of Pergos and was separated from her family at the age of ten through a UNICEF adoption program. Finding herself in a dysfunctional family in America where she was not allowed to embrace her coming of age years in a normal fashion or even speak her own language, she had to rely on her own internal strength to rediscover herself and her birth family. Later in life, as the hard-working owner of a hair salon, Joanna discovered she had Stage IV Cancer. Her road to recovery meant battling medical misdiagnoses and dealing with her own worst fears. Now an artist and a nutritional consultant, Joanna actively supports cancer research and nurtures others cursed with a similar diagnosis.


Joanna Giangardella is the author of Dancing Skeleton: A Journey Through Stage IV Cancer as well as The Girl From the Tower: A Journey of Lies.